Upcoming Events

mallowstreet University Investment Focus: Opportunities in Fixed Income

As one of the largest asset classes held by UK pension funds, understanding opportunities in fixed income is in focus for almost all trustees. At this morning workshop, delegates will break out into Investment Masterclasses to hear the latest from some forward-thinking asset managers.

mallowstreet LGPS Indaba

Join us for a gathering of ‘great leaders’ from the world of LGPS pools and beyond as we explore the current challenges and the opportunities available.

Culture in Investment Management

Fact: Good culture leads to better investor returns, employee engagement and a better client experience. But what does ‘good culture’ look like?

Global Fixed Income Outlook at the Dawn of a New Decade

After delivering remarkable returns thus far in 2019, does global fixed income offer any break-out opportunities at the dawn of a new decade? Here we will focus on sharing ideas, identifying opportunities, and navigating the winds of change in the year ahead.

Past Events

mallowstreet University Dinner - ESG: Investing in Positive Change

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing is gaining ground with fixed income investors. Here, PIMCO will discuss the many innovations in the fast-growing-area of ESG fixed income investing, and how investors can develop active engagement programmes and measure positive impact.

mallowstreet University Dinner: Factor Investing – The New Battleground of the Active vs Passive Debate

Factor investing is built on foundational research from over 50 years ago but modern techniques have provided investors with a set of tools that has changed portfolio management forever. This presentation will explore the defining moments of factor investing, help you understand the value proposition of different factor strategies and provide some practical guidelines on how to utilise a factor strategy in the 21st century.

mallowstreet DC Indaba

The Defined Contribution Indaba* will bring together some of the industry’s biggest influencers to hear a selection of interactive keynote presentations. These will be interspersed with five Investment Masterclass breakout sessions which will cover key asset classes and investment opportunities, specifically tailored for defined contribution pension funds.