Global Fixed Income Outlook at the Dawn of a New Decade

Wednesday, 04 December 2019

18:30 - 21:00

Herbert Berger at Innholders Hall, 30 College St, London EC4R 2RH, UK

This event is now in the past

After delivering remarkable returns thus far in 2019, does global fixed income offer any break-out opportunities at the dawn of a new decade? Join Gregory Peters, Head of Multi-Sector and Strategy at PGIM Fixed Income, for a lively discussion on potential fixed income scenarios in 2020. Will we see moderating global growth or an immediate recession? Are interest rates expected to go lower, stay steady, or push higher from a sudden shock? Is Global Japanification a serious consideration? And, given the recent rally, is there any value left in fixed income? This event will be focused on sharing ideas, identifying opportunities, and navigating the winds of change in the year ahead.