Upcoming Events

mallowstreet University Investment Focus: Opportunities in Fixed Income

As one of the largest asset classes held by UK pension funds, understanding opportunities in fixed income is in focus for almost all trustees. At this half day workshop, delegates will breakout into Investment Masterclasses to hear the latest thinking from some forward-thinking asset managers. Over the course of the morning, you will have a chance to ask questions and debate with your peers and contribute directly to some new approaches that are currently being developed and introduced to the market to meet the needs of pension funds. This unique half day workshop is Accredited by the Pensions Management Institute and is open to pension fund and their advisors.

mallowstreet University Dinner: Can Lessons Learned Provide 2020 Vision to the Future?

Drawing on his personal experience as a global economist, undersecretary of the U.S. Treasury for international affairs , and director at the Federal Reserve Board, Nathan Sheets will discuss the state of U.S./China trade negotiations and China’s ripple effect on the global economy. He will also share his outlook on key macro themes including inflation expectations, labor markets trends, and rising economic inequality.

mallowstreet University Dinner: Navigating the Road to Buyout (with PIC)

As pension funds map out their ‘end game’, many are working out how to fully transfer their liabilities to an insurer. We will specifically cover: • How to structure a portfolio – what types of assets are attractive to an insurer • What makes an insurer take one process more seriously than another? • Are there times where you can secure better pricing than others? • Should you use new advisers to help run your process? This dinner is available exclusively for pension fund decision makers and their advisors and is eligible for CPD accreditation.

mallowstreet LGPS Indaba

Join us for the inaugural mallowstreet LGPS Indaba which will aim to bring together investment executives and Trustees from the 8 LGPS pools as well as representatives from individual local authorities around the UK. We will be looking at the current challenges facing local authority pension schemes, hear from expert keynote speakers and also host five investment masterclass sessions looking at asset allocation and strategy in the LGPS arena.

Culture in Investment Management

There is sufficient empirical evidence to support the view that good culture leads to greater investor returns, higher employee engagement, and a better client experience. Over the course of the morning, we will examine the following question: what do

Global Fixed Income Outlook at the Dawn of a New Decade

After delivering remarkable returns thus far in 2019, does global fixed income offer any break-out opportunities at the dawn of a new decade? Join Gregory Peters, Head of Multi-Sector and Strategy at PGIM Fixed Income, for a lively discussion on potential fixed income scenarios in 2020. Will we see moderating global growth or an immediate recession? Are interest rates expected to go lower, stay steady, or push higher from a sudden shock? Is Global Japanification a serious consideration? And, given the recent rally, is there any value left in fixed income? This event will be focused on sharing ideas, identifying opportunities, and navigating the winds of change in the year ahead.

mallowstreet University Dinner: Navigating the Road to Buyout (Rothesay Life)

As pension funds map out their ‘end game’, many are working out how to fully transfer their liabilities to an insurer. Over dinner, Sammy Cooper-Smith from Rothesay Life will discuss the following areas and take Q&A on any topics related to risk settlement.

mallowstreet University Dinner: Taking the stress out of timing Distressed Debt

Join us for this educational mallowstreet University Dinner where Pictet Asset Management will be presenting on Distressed Debt. This asset class has historically offered strong returns for investors as once a company goes into default, the market often underappreciates its value. Furthermore, Distressed Debt can also add stability to a diversified portfolio due to its lack of correlation with other asset classes.

Past Events

mallowstreet University Dinner - ESG: Investing in Positive Change

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing is gaining ground with fixed income investors, and PIMCO has been at the forefront ‒ integrating ESG analysis into our investment process for almost a decade. Expanding our ESG offerings is an important long-term objective for us, and we look forward to updating you on our recent developments and industry trends. Lupin Rahman, Portfolio Manager at PIMCO will discuss the many innovations in the fast-growing-area of ESG fixed income investing and how investors can develop active engagement programmes and measure positive impact.

mallowstreet University Dinner: Factor Investing – The New Battleground of the Active vs Passive Debate

Factor investing is built on foundational research from over 50 years ago but modern techniques have provided investors with a set of tools that has changed portfolio management forever. This presentation will explore the defining moments of factor investing, help you understand the value proposition of different factor strategies and provide some practical guidelines on how to utilise a factor strategy in the 21st century.

mallowstreet DC Indaba

The Defined Contribution Indaba* will bring together some of the industry’s biggest influencers to hear a selection of interactive keynote presentations. These will be interspersed with five Investment Masterclass breakout sessions which will cover key asset classes and investment opportunities, specifically tailored for defined contribution pension funds.